We invite submissions from artists who would like to exhibit work in our gallery.

We provide exhibition opportunities for emerging local and Canadian artists, and for international artists emerging on the Toronto art scene. To show their work, we've designated more than 50 linear feet of wall space at the front of our gallery, including prominent feature walls.

The available space can either be filled by one artist or shared by two or more, typically for periods up to four weeks (Wednesdays through Sundays). Slides on this page show examples of work on display in part of the available space.

For the full 50 linear feet, our rates are $325 for the first week, $275 for the second week, $225 for the third week and $175 for the fourth week, for a four-week total of $1,000. Subject to availability, smaller spaces can be reserved for as little as $200 for four weeks.

We promote your work and process sales on your behalf, for a commission rate of only 25% on the selling price of your work.

Submission Requirements

Interested artists should contact us by email, attaching a brief biography, résumé (showing any exhibition history), a brief statement about your art, 5 to 7 representative images (maximum 650 kb each). Please include a list of the images, including titles, media, sizes and target prices.