We invite submissions from artists who would like to exhibit work in our gallery.

We support local, Canadian and international artists emerging on the Toronto art scene, by providing affordable opportunities to exhibit work on the walls of our bright and spacious gallery showroom.

We have found that we have greater success in promoting and selling art when we choose work that appeals to us personally. In general, the art we choose to exhibit represents beauty to us, in many different forms, styles and subjects, including both representational and abstract work.

At the present time, we don't have space available for guest artists' sculptures.

Slides on this page show examples of work on display in some of the available space.


  • We don't charge a substantial fee or a high commission rate.
  • Our guest artists pay a modest rental fee, coupled with commission of only 25% on each sale.
  • The amount of the rental fee is based on the size of wall space and length of the rental period.
  • Examples for 4 weeks: 10 lateral feet of wall space for $200; 25 lateral feet for $500; or 50-55 feet for $1,000 (shorter or longer periods also available).


  • Each week includes five exhibition days, Wednesday through Sunday, from 12 noon to 6 pm.
  • You're welcome to hold an opening or closing reception in the gallery (at your cost).
  • We will promote your exhibition and we ask you to promote it also.


    Interested artists should contact us by email, attaching a brief biography, résumé (showing any exhibition history), a brief statement about your art, 5 to 7 representative images (maximum 650 kb each). Please include a list of the images, including titles, media, sizes and target prices.