Visions Gallery is Toronto's best choice for flexible and affordable art rental!

Why Rent Art?

Our art rental plan lets you:
- Try before you buy.
- Acquire original art without a large initial cost.
- Stage your home to appeal to potential buyers.
- Display a "statement" piece during a special occasion or event.
- Rotate your artwork periodically, to change ambience or to satisfy different tastes, or simply to discover what best suits your home or office.

How Does Visions Gallery's Art Rental Program Work?

Art Rental for Your Home or Office

You can rent available works for 3, 6 or 9 months. Art rental periods can be extended, to a maximum of 12 months total rental. For each 3-month art rental period, the cost is 15% of the purchase price, plus HST. Your initial security deposit of 25% of the purchase price is fully refundable upon return of the artwork in the same condition as it was when you rented it.

Best of all, at any time during the art rental period, if you decide to buy the artwork you're renting, the full amount of your security deposit and all art rental payments you've made will be applied to your purchase.

Art Rental by Home Stagers and Interior Designers

Following the initial 3-month term, professional designers and home stagers can extend their rental on a month-to-month basis rather than for three months at a time, at a rental rate of 5% per month. Please contact us for further information.

Art Available for Rental

Paintings and sculptures that are portable, easily installed, and judged by the gallery to be not too fragile are eligible for inclusion in the Art Rental Program. The listed purchase price for the work or combination of works being rented must be at least $1000. Normally the artwork must be either created by our resident artist or owned by the gallery. (Generally, artwork on consignment from our guest artists is not available for art rental.)