If You Could See What I See

November 14 - December 9, 2018

Through his lens, with a keen awareness of light, form and colour, Stephen is creating an eclectic body of expressive work.  He quotes Ansel Adams, saying “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Artist's Statement:

Come see what I see.

In reviewing images for this show I chose some from our travels of the last ten years: Icelandic horses, graffiti from San Francisco, the swans from Sefton Park in Liverpool, all great moments!

This year was a great summer for nature photos at Rosetta McClain Gardens, one of my favourite places overlooking Lake Ontario. I chose images of Hummingbirds, Blue Jays, and adorable fledgling Screech Owls. With the help of Visions Gallery resident artist Francisco’s lessons and his knowledge of watercolour techniques I’ve begun to enhance some of my printed photographs with watercolours and I’ve included three of these. They’re of Screech Owls.

I find birds fascinating, and have always marvelled when I’ve seen displays of powerful raptors, either high in the sky over Rosetta McClain as they migrate South in Autumn, or on my visits to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Port Dover. The images I chose from visiting the conservancy are of Great Horned Owls, Snowy Owls, Bald Eagles and a Red Tailed Hawk.

For me, photography has always been about light, colour and the beauty of nature and so I’ve included a picture of one of the last roses from our garden, which was taken only a few weeks ago. I also had to include a sunset from October of this year, because sunsets are fleeting and yet show us nature’s magic.