Vibrant Impressions:

October 10 - November 9, 2018

Rekha's rich landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes in oil burst with exuberant colour.


Rekha Pevekar is an oil painter who was born and raised by an artistic family in East India who valued her creative energy and keen eye. As such, they were very influential in her desire to follow her own path in the arts.

Rekha has participated in many art exhibits, won many awards and travelled extensively, always with camera in hand to capture moments of light on subjects. The subjects that inspire her are as widely varied as the countries she has visited — from florals to landscapes, cityscapes to seascapes. But they all are connected through her passion for luminous colour.

Though Rekha tries to be true to the realism of her subjects, her paintings are not quite realist. They exist in a more imaginative realm--between realism and impressionism, between the contemporary and the traditional. She uses traditional methods of oil painting with multiple glazes like the Old Masters. She is fascinated by light like the Impressionists. Yet she saturates each subject with her distinct interpretation as seen through her eyes. What happens when the image from her camera gets filtered through Rekha’s imaginative eye and translated onto the canvas is nothing short of transformative, revealing luminous colour and vibrant energy, reflecting her spirit and fascination with life.