Abstract Canadian Landscapes

October 3 - December 9, 2018

David Turner follows up his successful 2017 show with new work and new subjects that illustrate his passion for the beauty of Canada's rugged geography.

An acrylic painter, David is inspired by nature and fascinated by the way lines and patterns fit into the landscape. He has developed a unique impressionistic style characterized by bold colour, confident lines, effective use of pointillism, and impeccable finishing.

In his Winter Shadows paintings, based on images outside his Ottawa home, undulating shadows over a fresh snowfall highlight pristine hills and valleys to evoke a crisp Canadian winter day.

In his Canadian Rivers series, David's vibrant colour choices, characteristic detailing and confident execution transform his subjects into captivating abstract works.  Geographic coordinates and satellite images on the back of each canvas show that he has faithfully followed the course of each river as it has carved its history into the landscape.

David's most recent works, such as "The Boat Dock" and "Memories of Georgian Bay", are bathed in soft light, evoking nostalgia and serenity.  While their tones are appropriately softer, their distinctive style is immediately recognizable as his own.